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vocabulary unit 9 and 10

Renaissance:the profound social and cultural changes of the 15 and 16 centuries are known as the renaissance

Humanism:one of the most important features of the renaissance was the growth of humanism

Erasmus de Rotterdam:were greates humanist

Thomas Moro:were greates humanist

Juan Luis Vives:were greates humanist

Johannes Gutenberg:invented the printing press

Printing Press:it is a invention

Nicolas Copernicus:developed the eliocentre

Heliocentric Theory:this mantened de sun was the centre of the universe


Geocentric theory: which maintained thet the earth was the centre of the universe

Quattrocento:was the term applied to 15 century italian art which flourished

Cinquecento:was the term used to describe 16 century art

Proportion:this was becouse architetcs wanted to adapt them to the proportions on the human body

Leon Battista Alberti:important architec

Bramante:the first project of michelangelo

Michelangelo:changed the dome and maderno completed the rest

Maderno:changed the dome and maderno completed the rest

Masaccio:were a pintor

Perspective:francesca invented the perspective

Raphael:was a archited

Leonardo:who brilliant represented nature

Titian: is a venetian ppenter

Donatello:greates sculptor

Albrecht Durer:was a great renaissance figure

Herrerian Style:was a characteristic by austerity smd solemniti

Plateresque style:was a characteristis by its abundant and delicate ornamentation

Greco:religious painting

Martin Luther:was a protestant contra the catholic church


Protestant:ho was protested contra the church catholic

Calvinism:founded by jhon calvin

Predestination:people are condemend or saved before they are born

Henry VIII:are the king of england

Anglican Church:was a church created before henrry II

Council of Trent:met and adoptted differentes resolutations

Society of Jesus:founded buy saint ignatious

Inquisition:persecuted those who failed to follow catholic dogma

unit 10

Charles I:was the king of spain in 15 16 centuries

Holy Roman Empire:fue hederadoa carlos v de sus abuelos paternos

Comuneros:los que se revelaron contra carlos v

Juan de Padilla:uno de los lideres de la revuelta de los comuneros

Philip II:es el hijo de carlos v

Viceroy:es un governador

Ottoman Turks:were his othersgreats rivals

German Protestant Princes:uno de los mas serios problemas que trajo la consecuencia de la rebelion

Elizabeth I:

Invincible Armada:to fight against england

Hernan Cortes:conquisto el imperio azteca

Aztec Empire: fue un imperio que se descubrio

Inca Empire:fue conquistado por francisco pizarro

Francisco Pizarro:fue el que conquisto em imperio inca

Council of Indies:consejero de indias

Viceroyalty of Peru:territorios que fueron conquistados

Viceroyalty of New Spain:terriotorios que fueron conquistados

Casa de Contratación:or trading house in seville

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